Faithfully Asia Beauty was created by influencer/YouTuber Faithfully Asia. The idea was originally birthed after receiving multiple requests from her YouTube subscribers to sell the wigs/units reviewed on her channel.  It is often sold at a deep discounted rate compared to buying from the original hair vendor.  Customers often preferred buying from her as it would usually come customized. They had more assurance purchasing from us because many believe hair vendors send their best units to influencers for review. Therefore all units on our site are 1 of 1.


Fab*U*Luxe  was birthed as the rebrand of the site when Faithfully Asia decided to expand and sell clothing.  Fashion is a major passion of hers and this brand was created out of love.   We are located in the heart of Los Angeles and take pride in offering fast shipping.


Our mission is to help women all over uncover their beauty from the inside out.  We are a God fearing company and rely heavily on our morals and values.  We view our customers as family and take pride in helping them look good.  We hope your interaction with us is one that is always pleasant. 

Our motto: Why be basic when you can be Fab*U*Luxe!